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My home is in a small hot and dusty 'last chance for gas' town in rural ('outback') Australia. I work for the local government ('shire council').

I'm an free and open source software advocate and I strongly prefer to use F.O.S.S. rather than proprietary software whenever I can. It can be frustrating at times working in an environment surrounded by people with the opposite opinions. To survive I need to be able to consistently produce better results in an acceptable time frame. I started working for the council as a concreter and was only given a temporary position as a GPS data collector for a project which was later cancelled. Four years later I'm still doing GIS related work.

Much of my work involves documenting information about our local roads and other shire assets. We use geotagged photographs for the more important jobs and store information in the metadata. The photos are usually required to be annotated before being added to either a spreadsheet or .pdf presentation with maps.

My modest bash and python programming skills are useful at times. I'm just a beginner at programming and I'm only progressing slowly. I would like to learn a little C++ as well. My greatest achievements so far, (IMHO), are some python scripts I wrote which make use of Vincenty's Formulae.

I would like to add an big thank you to QGIS developers for all the hard work they do making QGIS such a wonderful application, I love QGIS.

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